Executive Board

The MGC Executive Board exists as the representatives of the council. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please contact one of the executive board members to address any issue. 

Executive Officers

President Ashley Melgar
Executive Vice President Marc Cisneros mgcexecvicepresident@gmail.com
Vice President for Administration & Finance
Vice President for Communications
Brianna Moreno
Vice President for Standards
Edgar Mancia mgcvpstandards@gmail.com
Director of Personal Development
Valeriano Reyna
Director of Marketing
Francisco Calderon mgcdmarketing@gmail.com
Director of Multicultural Development Truclinh Tieu mgcmulticultural@gmail.com
Director of Recruitment & Expansion Adrian Castro  mgcdexpansion@gmail.com
Director of Service Maria Hernandez mgcdservice@gmail.com
Council Advisor Jay Skye jskye@stuact.tamu.edu