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Chi Psi Beta

Chi Psi Beta Fraternity, Inc.


Chi Psi Beta was founded with the purpose of service and brotherhood. The goals of Chi Psi Beta here at Texas A&M are to assimilate the Indian and American cultures, create a strong brotherhood among Indians, and give back to the local community through various service projects.


Chi Psi Beta Fraternity, Inc. was founded to act primarily as a service based Greek organization. Throughout each academic school year, we host various service events to promote causes for South Asian countries. The first main philanthropy aims to raise awareness about National Marrow Donor Program through the annual Bone Marrow Dinner in the fall. Chi Psi Beta also helps to raise funds through Project 365 to expand education in India through our H.O.P.E. school.


  • Brotherhood
  • Service
  • Culture


Health Awareness –

Expanding Education –

Founding Date

November 19, 1998 at Texas A&M University


Solidarity Among Peers


Silver, White, Blue